Find a piece of writing that you really like. It could be a sentence from a book, a line from a song or a poem.

On plain paper draw some very faint pencil lines with a ruler to act as a guide.

Use Berol Colour Italic Lettering Pens to mark out the writing you have chosen - make the very first letter really beautiful. You could make the first letter bigger than all the others, or do it in a different colour.

Or you could decorate that first letter. This is called illuminated lettering. It was used centuries ago before books were written by hand instead of printed. A very special book, like the bible, would be hand lettered by monks and the letters were illuminated with different colours and with real gold.

Required Products

Colour Italic Lettering Pens

Each pen has a superb 2mm plastic tip, which produces clean edges with thick and thin strokes..