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Berol produce a wide variety of writing, drawing and art products suitable for both children and adults.

Berol is owned by Newell Brands, which is the worldŐs biggest writing instrument manufacturer. In addition to the Berol brand, Newell Brands also own Parker, Waterman, rotring, Paper:Mate Sharpie and Dymo. The company has grown through its commitment to research and development, quality, customer service.

Add Some Berol Colour

Whether youre looking for the brightest reds, the palest yellow or the most shocking pink for whatever you are colouring, Berol has created the product for you.

Choose from the soft tones of Colourcraft Pencils or the bold brights of the unique Verithik Pencils. More adventurous artists might enjoy using Berols range of Oil and Water Soluble Pastels while the colourful writers among us will enjoy the striking range of Berol Lettering Pens.

If you fancy yourself as a fashion designer or just want to label up some clothes, how about Berols Colour Fabric Markers and Pens. Younger children

Berol and Education

The famous Berol Handwriting Pen is used by over thousands of children in UK schools. The lightweight design, easy grip position and abrasive fibre-tip of the Berol Handwriting Pen make it perfect for young children learning to write as well as older children developing their individual writing style.

Art educational products also make up a large part of the Berol portfolio. Products ranging from coloured pencils, pens and paints to pastels and specialist products for textiles and glass have been developed especially for schools. They are used, and loved, by art teachers all over the UK..

might like the Handhuggers range of colouring pencils and pens, which are designed in a triangular shape to specially suit small hands.